2016 39th ASFA
International Invitational

October 22 & 23, 2016
Indianola, IA

What a fantastic weekend in Iowa for the 2016 II!  It was a privilege to photograph all of your gorgeous sighthounds but it sure made me miss my basenjis and the days when we traveled from trial to trial, competing.

Please click the links to the different breed galleries.  I will be uploading more in the next weeks so check back often.  I try to take at least one 'starting line' photo of each race to help give you and idea of where you might find your dog.


4x6      $ 8.00 ea.
5x7      $15.00 ea.
8x10    $25.00 ea.

Digital Downloads
Single       $15.00 
3-pack      $40.00
5-Pack      $70.00
10-pack    $130.00


Field 2, Saturday  

Field 2, Saturday

Field 2, Saturday

Italian Greyhounds
Field 2, Saturday