We Meet At Last

April 16, 2015  •  1 Comment

     I had wanted to meet Sierra for years. She was the beloved ‘only child’ of a co-worker, Marian.  Sierra was a beautiful, brindle Bull Terrier who loved to go camping, hiking and “hoteling” with Marian and her husband, Tom.  Marian and I would stand in her classroom after school and share stories of our pets, passing cell phones back and forth and oohing and ahhing over hastily snapped photos. Nearly every conversation ended the same way with me saying, "I would love to meet Sierra and photograph her.  We need to set something up!"  Marian would agree that it was a great idea.  "Yes, we have to do that one of these days," was her usual reply.

     And so the weeks and months and years passed.  "One of these days" always seemed like a perfectly reasonable option.  We'd get to it one of these days. We had plenty of time.

      Several weeks ago I received a voice mail from Marian. "You know how we always talk about doing a photo session with Sierra?  Well, I'd like to arrange one.  The sooner the better."  My heart sank. I knew it was not good news. When I spoke to Marian she confirmed that Sierra had been diagnosed with an aggressive canine lymphoma. I cleared my calendar and we made plans to meet the following afternoon for an Evermore Session at one of Sierra’s favorite parks.

     At the park, trees were still bare and grass was still brown.  It was not the most picturesque backdrop for a photo session but the threat of rain had passed and the sun was making occasional appearances so I counted my blessings as I walked across the lot to greet Marian and Tom.  And then I stooped down to greet Sierra.  “We meet at last!” I gushed and couldn’t resist planting a kiss on that little warm bump on the top of her head.  She was an absolute doll and it was such a thrill to finally meet her ‘in the fur.’  

     We spent the next hour walking slowly through the park and letting Sierra explore at her leisure.  My heart ached for Marian and Tom, knowing how poignant every moment must have been.  I felt both honored and humbled to be sharing those moments with them.  We laughed at some of Sierra’s antics and then our voices would become hushed and we’d talk about how making the decision to release our pets from their pain was such a terrible responsibility and yet, it was the last great kindness we owed them. 

      As difficult and emotional as the Evermore Sessions can be, I am constantly reminded of how much they are valued by the pet owners.  A couple of weeks after our session, I received an email from  Marian, confirming, for me, why I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do.
“The photos are beautiful!  The instant I viewed them I broke out in tears of joy.  Words cannot describe my deepest heartfelt gratitude.  You captured Sierra's true spirit in a way that made me feel her presence next to me - Such a comfort. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” 

And Thank You to all of the amazing people who have invited me into their lives and shared the love of their treasured pets with me.

**Note: If you have a pet who is elderly or terminally ill, please contact me today and we can schedule an Evermore Session with NixPack Pet Photography. I offer scheduling priorities and session discounts for my Evermore Sessions.








Marianne Geyer(non-registered)
This brought me to tears. Beautiful writing, Claudia and of course, beautiful shots of Sierra.
You made her owners so happy.
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