I keep my pricing and photo options simple.  I want you to be absolutely thrilled with your pet photos and strive to make sure that your entire experience, from our first conversation to the delivery of your products, is nothing short of wonderful.  

I charge a flat fee for my Wet Nose sessions, whether they take place in my  photo studio or on location at a favorite park, etc.  If driving distances are significant, a gas/mileage fee may apply.  However; this would be discussed and agreed upon before we set the date/time of your session.

The NixPack Wet Nose Session 
Session Fee: $125.00  (up to two pets)
$25 for each additional pet  

  • This fee is for my experience, talent, time and effort both during the shoot and afterwards when editing/processing your images.
  • Included in this fee is also an approximately 30-second slide show featuring the images you purchase from the photo session.  These slide shows are great fun and can be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter  (see examples below)
  • After your completed photo session, we will schedule your Viewing & Ordering appointment.  This is when I will present up to 25 of the best images from your session and help you select your art.  Orders must be finalized and paid for at this time.  

The NixPack Evermore Session
Session Fee: $75

There is a deep, and often unspoken, understanding among pet lovers.  We know the joy, the love and yes, sometimes the heartache, that our beloved friends enrich our lives with on a daily basis.  When we are around one another, we don't have to feel silly or apologize for loving our pets so much, for wanting to share pictures and stories or to cry about the memory of pet or the impending loss of a pet.  Once gone from this life, their memories stay with us forever.  We might find ourselves tearing up when we come across their old collar, clipping of fur or a favorite, ragged toy.  We may find ourselves laughing out loud as we recall some of their crazy antics.  More often we find ourselves actually yearning for one last cuddle, one more kiss on that lovely little bump on the top of a warm head, one last chance to bury our face in the side of the soft neck, one last brush from the dampness of the cool nose pressed against our chin.  It is with these thoughts and feelings in mind that NixPack Pet Photography offers the Evermore Sessions. If you have a terminally ill or elderly pet, this is your perfect opportunity to create one lasting memory that captures all the love, joy and devotion you share with your pet but is so difficult to put into words.  

  • Scheduling priority is given to those with terminally ill pets or extreme emergency cases
  • ​Sessions can be conducted at my studio, at a favorite park or location or in your home where your friend may be more comfortable.
  • Family and other pets may be included in the session at no extra cost

​I would be honored to work with you in order to create an experience, and some timeless images, that you can cherish Evermore.



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Prints and Products

  • I offer a unique selection of products to display your images.  Wall art starts at 8x10 prints and can be matted and framed, printed on metal, canvas, or standout displays.
  • Prints and Wall Art are offered a la carte.  Please contact me for a complete list of prices.


​Samples of Videos that are included with purchase of images