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Hello and thank you for your interest in my pet photography! I am located in Naperville, Illinois and serve the surrounding suburbs.  I also have a studio located in Oswego, IL at 23 W. Merchants Drive, and I have  been known to take a few road trips in order to do pet shoots so don't hesitate to inquire.

A life without pets is unimaginable to me and being the youngest of eight children--almost all of whom are animal lovers, I spent my childhood in a home inhabited by one sort of animal or another. One of my earliest memories is when we had to evacuate our home in California because the mountains surrounding our neighborhood were on fire. My mom was going to wait for my dad to get home from work but told us children that we could each take "one thing of importance," get in our Plymouth station wagon and have my oldest sister drive us to safety. First we made room in the back for our Collie, Princess. Then we all piled in on top of one another and settled in. My mom said she'll never forget when she went to the car to kiss us goodbye. She looked through the window and saw, on each of our laps, our one thing of importance: a pet rat!

My husband, son, and I currently share our home with a blue Quaker Parrot named Trudy. She is sassy, feisty and endlessly entertaining. After losing our basenjis, Hamlet and Rhumba, to old age several years ago we finally became a dog house once more in December 2014 when Smithy, a mini Schnauzer rescue, graced us with his wild and affectionate nature.  We fell so much in love with him that we adopted a sister for him.  Greta, Australian Cattle Dog/Am-Staff mix,  was adopted from the Animal House Shelter in Huntley, IL in October 2015 and now...the NixPack is complete.  :) 


I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America.
PPA - Professional Photographers Association